Thursday, July 3, 2008

Quick Catch Up

  • On west coast now.
  • Husband drove the whole way. We went over 2000 miles in two days, stopping in Wyoming Monday night to sleep from 11pm to 5am.
  • Feel like I'm on vacation but really would like to find a place to live, resubmit (and submit) manuscripts and finish revised dissertation
  • Heard back about one manuscript (1-P), had to e-mail and bug the editor, has been accepted with minor revisions that I should be able to accomplish in a day. I'm excited.
  • Wanted to talk about long awaited resubmit (manuscript 0) with adviser during trip last week but he never got around to reading all of it. He did say that everything up to the result section looks great.
  • Will likely not be reading 85 entries in google reader
  • Husband and I should have time tomorrow to call and make appointments to view rentals this week-end or Monday.
  • Today we visited with family/friends, went to spa for hot tub and sauna and went to farmers' market
  • I don't feel like a doctor yet, even though everyone is congratulating me.
  • It was sad to leave dissertation town last week
  • I'm upset with POD's because there are all these underlying charges, like an admin fee for $200, when I was certain I asked the women on the phone if the price she quoted me was a total/final/tax included price. Of course it's not. Of course I have no written record of this so I don't feel like I can call and complain. We likely would have still went with this option but I'm pissy that what I thought would cost $3500 is going to be $4500.
  • Internet will be sporadic. I found out Saturday the wireless card in my laptop is not working and we don't know why. Need to get this fixed.
  • I'm exhausted.
  • Can't wait to be settled.


Academic said...

Thanks for the update! Happy moving and good luck finding a place soon!

Amanda said...

Good luck with all your moving and the like :-) It must be nice to be near home!

Psych Post Doc said...

Good luck with everything, safe travels.

Mrs Whatsit said...

I suck. I just got your email from 2 months ago. I just emailed you back. I haven't been reading many blogs lately, either. Neither one of these things is a good excuse, but they're the only ones I have. :(

Unbalanced Reaction said...

I'm impressed with your driving stamina!!

Mad Hatter said...

Congrats on the paper acceptance! So how are things going out there? Hope you guys are getting settled in.