Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Shower

Science Girl,
Sorry for being late-traffic you know.

I've been to so many baby showers and I just want to let all the other attendee's know that I win at most games. I've never left a baby shower empty handed :)

I'd spend most of this shower in aw about how you kept running during your pregnancy and hopeful that I could do the same. I'd tell you how tough you are and how great you'll do during labor. We'd laugh about the similarities of grad school and rearing children (even though neither of us has raised a child).

I just want to leave you with one piece of advice. Never forget to be grateful. Life will be difficult but always go back to the joy of your little one-if when they are the one being difficult.

I wish you patience for your long journey ahead into parenthood. Hopeful that you never forget that you can be a mother, a wife, a scientist and many other things all at the same time!