Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It's not quite InaDWriMo yet and I see my goals for November have to be changed.
I'm still committed to writing 600 words per day but let's evaluate these goals again.

1. Finish manuscript "1" to send to coauthors by Nov.9th.
I forgot that I'm sending samples away for analysis because we decided not to submit the short communication with the really exciting data but go ahead and make a 'complete' paper, which will take longer to get published but likely make a greater impact.
There were a few samples that still needed more data-which I wasn't planning on doing in my dissertation. So I'll need to wait for that data before I progress on that one.
Doing this will also make the next paper "3" a less complicated manuscript.
2. Write 600 words per day on manuscript "3"
Still planning on doing this. I collected more data here in dissertation town and can't wait to analyze it.
3. Create goal for manuscript "2" once received back from coauthor.
Yep still waiting for this.

I thought I was going to be able to resubmit a paper, let's call is paper "0" before I left dissertation town, but yet again, more data and new analysis of the model!

I feel very productive here in dissertation town and it's been nice to be part of a scientific community again. I go back on Friday, hopefully the next three days will be equally productive.

Friday, October 19, 2007

New blog

I created this blog so I could join InaDWriMo 2007.
I also thought this would be a good place to write down my thoughts, keep track of my dissertation progress, and stay in touch with friends and family.

As for my writing challenge, I've come up with three goals for the month of November. I'm not in the contest to win but like the idea of keeping myself accountable.
I have three manuscripts I'm working on, two that are in the final stages and one that is more like a verbose outline.

Goal 1. Finish manuscript 1 to sent to coauthors by Nov.9th.
Goal 2. Write 600 words per day on manuscript 3.
Goal 3. Create goal for manuscript 2 once received back from coauthor.

My writing month won't officially begin until Nov 5th since I need to go back to dissertation town this saturday for 1 baby shower, 2 talks I'm giving, 3 (?) days of lab work and as much interaction with my adviser as possible. We have a manuscript that was accepted with major revisions, of which, those major revisions should have been completed by now.

For those not aware I currently live in husband's job town. We moved here in July after he finished his dissertation from "dissertation town" and received a Post Doctoral position here. *Note he started a year before me so it makes sense I'm a year behind.
My adviser is being very accommodating by letting me finish my dissertation out of state.

I'll try to keep things here fairly anonymous. Although I'm not too worried about anyone finding my blog I've heard about bad stories about bosses, coworkers or students reading peoples blogs and becoming upset.

Ok-thanks for reading. My blog won't be updated too much until writing month begins.