Wednesday, July 22, 2009


On a positive note, I've now clocked in some of my longest runs, a 7 miler, 9 miler and 8 miler*!! I actually felt great. On the 7 miler there was a killer hill from Marine Terrace 3 to Marine Terrace 4 that I had to walk up but that was three weeks ago so I'm itching to get back and try it again. The other runs have also been very hilly because my race is very hilly. Last Sunday we did the second half of the 1/2 marathon course and I'm more confident now about my ability to complete the race. Saturday night I didn't sleep well and had nightmares about getting lost. But we didn't. We did learn that we will cross a stream at least three times during the race and that maybe 50% of the single track portion is very scary! Deadly cliffs on one side, lots of tree roots and some really skinny turns. Now my main goal besides to finish is to not trip.
Maybe not my best choice for my first 1/2 marathon and definitely no PR's will be set but it's going to be a lot of fun and good energy. Five more weeks of training! Next week-end we are running a 6 mile race. That should help with getting into the race mode. The weeks after that are going to be more difficult for training since I'll be traveling. I won't have my long run partner and since I'll be away I won't have my familar trails and being on vacation makes scheduling running time more complicated. I'm just going to have to map out my runs before I travel and then get up early to complete them.
As it stands now I do one sprinty type run and one shortish run alone (or with my husband), then one sprinty type run and the long run with my running partner.

I'm exciting about this new found fun.

*I don't always trust how accurate google maps are, the runs were between 1.5 to 2.0 hours.


Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

That's really good! I always enjoy races. All the energy there just gives me a boost. Good luck on your race next weekend!

quietandsmalladventures said...

great job running!! by my definition, the first time you run any new kind of race (e.g. 1st 1/2 mara), you PR. so hills make for an awesome 1st choice as your next one will be much faster!! 2 PRs for the price of 1 :)

good luck at the race!!

Geomom said...

I started running 5 months ago, but I've just stuck to 2 miles. I'm really impressed by your distances--and that you actually enjoy it!

Good luck on your run.

ScienceGirl said...

Those runs sound tough, there is no way I could do that! I am glad you have a running mate, and that you are enjoying the training. Race day will be a blast, I look forward to hearing all about it!

Unbalanced Reaction said...

Go you! I am super impressed! :)